MEET Marcos Mateu!

Author and Artist of “Framed Ink” and “Framed Persepective 1 & 2” came to say “Hi” to Mila’s family!

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We’re proud to share with you an exclusive interview with Visual Development and Graphic Novel Artist Marcos Mateu, Author and Artist of: “Framed Ink: Drawing and Compositoin for Visual Storytellers”

– How did you arrive to the world of animation?
MM: I went to London in 1991 looking for work, I was lucky enough after 2 months of job hunting to land a job with Amblimation (We are back) after Bob Godfrey pointed me in that direction.

– Who or what inspired you most?
MM:I started in comics, graphic novels, my original heroes are people like Milton Caniff, Hugo Pratt, Jesus Blasco Monterde, Victor de la Fuente, Antonio Hernandez Palacios, Alberto Breccia, etc, just to have the opportunity to not only draw but tell stories and create characters at the same time is beyond fantastic.

– What is your role in the animation industry? What are you working on or what were you last working on?
MM: I started off as background artist to then move on to 2d layout in Balto, after that more layout at Dreamworks (Prince of Egypt, El Dorado). Right now and for a number of years I’m a Visual Development artist, also back at Dreamworks.

– What are you working on or what were you last working on?
MM: Recent credits include ‘Surf’s Up’, ‘Penguins’, ‘How to Train your Dragon 2’ and many other projects still in development.


© Marcos Mateu-Mestre (from the book ‘Framed Ink’, available from Design Studio Press)

– Do you have a personal project you’re working on now?
MM: After ‘Framed Ink’ I’m always working on something, and I’m excited to say that very soon I’ll have two new instructional art books on perspective out there!

– What’s the most valuable piece of advice you’ve ever received?
MM: Work hard, be honest, be better every day. I find it fascinating when your strongest competition is yourself. If you compete with ‘others’, if one day you think you have reached their level then… what. You are your best measure of what you want to achieve next.