Artist Spotlight: Dane Travelstead – Look Development Artist/Lighter


It’s a pleasure to showcase Dane Travelstead work. Dane tackled our biggest ground plane in Mila. Groundplanes are the most deceptive assets to texture for animated films: they have to look great on closeup, on mid distance, far away…All that while making them flexible for change and avoiding a repetitive CG look. Dane accomplished all these tasks as a pro! We are very happy to have Dane in our team!

Here is a note from Dane about his experience on Mila.

“Hello team,

My name is Dane Travelstead and I would like to say that it has been an amazing experience working on Mila with everyone so far. I’m a 3d artist, from the U.S. and since I was a child I have always loved to play video games and watch films. The art in games and movies has always astounded me, and every year i’m more impressed with what the VFX, and video game industry create. There were many times that I would stop playing a game, just so that I could look around and take my time to see all those little bits of details, some artist toiled hours away at. So now that I am older I want to create that same experience that I was given, and I hope that I can give it to people young and old.

In these few months I have learned so much from this project, the other artists working on Mila, and even my self. Learning the pipeline of a professional team was rough at first, as I was very unfamiliar with the way a production is handled, but with every assignment, I can see my self rapidly improve as an artist. There are many of you I have yet to meet, but from the people I have communicated with, I have to say you are all superb artists and genuinely great people. Thank you to everyone who has been there to help and guide me a long the way, you are all wonderful.

I’m eagerly waiting to see our final product on screen, I know it will be great from what I have seen, and I’ll be doing my part to ensure it is. ”

Groundplane model by Ruchita Jeswal – Australia
Textures and Look development by Dane Travelstead – USA

Model by Lisa Rivelli – Italy & Florian Simovici – Romania
Textures by Ruchita Jeswal – Australia
Look Development by Dane Travelstead – USA


Model by Alex Harris – U.K.
Textures by Ruchita Jeswal – Australia
Look Development by Dane Travelstead – USA

Dane’s portfolio: Website