Director’s Statement

Today, children continue to suffer the ravages of conflict in many places around the world. Their current plight is what moved me to take action. While it’s civilians who are the first to be hit, it’s their children that are the last to be remembered. My wish is that “Mila” could be seen by as many people as possible, to help promote a societal shift in our understanding of what the real, long term, generational cost of war is. If “Mila” could change even one decision maker’s mind about going to war, then all our efforts will have been worth it.

What I wanted to show with this film is the strength and resilience that kids have, even when they are alone, abandoned and lost I’m convinced that animation can be exploited as a vehicle for more meaningful messages.

Hollywood might applaud socially relevant features, but it still views animation as essentially little more than “entertainment”. But it’s so much more powerful than that! It has such potential to affect fundamental change in how we approach each other, how we deal with societal challenges. Especially now, we need to exploit that potential as much as we can.

Dedicated to the children who continue to suffer the consequences of war.

Cinzia Angelini

The horror and pain of war has always befallen the most vulnerable, especially the children. It is up to us to secure peace, the only key to freedom, and allow children to grow up in a fairer world. It’s a right for every child.


A Worldwide Effort

“Mila” was produced thanks to the heroic efforts of an international team of 350 volunteers from over 35 countries. Through a unique, world wide online collaboration that included scores of volunteers and sponsors, PepperMax Films, Pixelcartoon, IbiscusMedia and then culminated in substantial support from Cinesite and Aniventure we were able to complete the production.
This innovative, wildly successful, cooperative effort in making this short, proves that we’re onto something.

Film Tech Sheet

original title: Mila
year of production: 2020
countries of origin: USA/Canada/Italy/United Kingdom
running time: 19:50
language: No Dialogue
animation technique: CG animation
format: DCP, ProRes
speed: 24 fps
video ratio: 2:39:1
color/black & white: Color
sound: Dolby Digital 5.1