Artist Spotlight – Pedro Astudillo

It is my pleasure to present Pedro Astudillo’s work for the Mila end credits.
If you’d like to see more of Pedro’s amazing art please visit

Hello to all those lucky enough to be part of the Mila team.
My name is Pedro Astudillo and I am a character designer. Originally from Cuba, lived in Spain for a few years and have been living in Pasadena, California for the last 12 years where I work out of my studio at home as a freelance graphic designer.
I have been involved in animation (one way or the other) for over 30 years and designing characters is what I truly enjoy. I believe it is the most challenging aspect of the animation process.
I, for one, consider myself privileged and grateful to have been given the opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the Mila project. The fact that all involved are volunteers testifies for its impact in all of us, our faith in its message and subject matter, not to mention the creative incentive it offers to those who haven’t forgotten what it feels to take a chance. Taking chances is such an intricate part of what we do as artists, after all…
Dreams do come true sometimes, no matter what age you happen to be and that is what Mila represents to me in more ways than one.
All the best!