Artist Spotlight – Jose Vicente de María

My pleasure to introduce a GREAT artist from Spain. Jose completed a couple of awesome assets and is now busy texturing the most important prop of the film. The Carousel!
Stay tuned to check that out soon!
Great work Jose!

Hi, my name is Jose Vicente de María and I’m from Valencia (middle-east Spain).
I studied 3d in a school here in Valencia where the final work was a shortfilm envolving all the classmates. Our shortfilm
has been pre-selected for the “Goyas”, something like the the “Oscars” here in Spain, so we are really proud of our work.

When I was told to get into Mila project I didn’t even doubt it. I found it was a great chance to meet professionals, share knowdledge and keep improving
my skills. I can say now it was a good decision, I’m very happy with all the Mila Team, we have a great story, they have a long experience, great creativity and the most
important is that they always give you tips that make you achieve the goals. And always with nice words, which is really important working from all
over the world!

I’m texturing and modeling for Mila shortfilm and my goal is just to keep learning to become a better professional and I’ll be helping here as long as I can.

Thank you all!!!

Model by Mattias Lullini
Texture by Jose Vicente de María