Artist Spotlight: Jimmie Nelson – Texture/Look Development Artist

It’s a pleasure to showcase Jimmie’s great work on Mila.

Please find below a comment by Cesar Montero Orozco, Mila Texture/Look Development Supervisor.

“Jimmy is a rare find. He poses both excellent artistic and technical skills. As an artist, he delivers exquisite shading at a level I rarely see. Jimmy technical skills have also played an important role for the team. He has been instrumental in keeping our artists up and running with their Arnold licenses. He provides Awesome (with a capital A) support to all the artists. His sense of urgency, clarity and dedication to this and other technical tasks has proven invaluable. We are very happy to have Jimmy in our team!”

Ceiling Lamp: Model by Alex Harris, Texture by Jimmie Nelson

Copper Bowls: Model by Adam Thoms, Texture by Jimmie Nelson

And this is from Jimmie!

Hello Mila Team –

My name is Jimmie Nelson. It is a pleasure to be apart of this great project and world-wide production team.

Ever since I can remember art and technology have been a part of my life. Whether drawing bizarre monsters as a child, learning how to paint, or figure sketching as a young adult. I have also been known for taking appliances and other knick-knacks apart once in a while just to be able to put them back together and see if I could get them to work again.

I currently have over 16 years of work experience in the creative, technical and supervision of 3D/2D content within the film, gaming, web and design industries. I have been fortunate to have worked on such films as “Unbreakable”, “Reign of Fire”, “Treasure Plant”, “Chicken Little”, “Meet the Robinsons” to name a few. And have held various roles from System Administrator to VFX Supervisor. I have also had the opportunity in working and supporting the Blizzard cinematic team in creating the famous WOW cinematic sequences.

Life wouldn’t be exciting without consistently looking for new challenges, new opportunities and new areas of growth. Being apart of the Mila project definitely fits within that scope. I am excited to see the final product on the big screen. I look forward in continually working with you all more.