Destroyed Carousel

Mila’s most complicated prop is the carousel. We’ll have two versions of it, the non destroyed one for a Dream Sequence and the Destroyed one that is showcased here, for the war sequence. This version of the carousel has been in the works for a long time and lot of people contributed to making it a GREAT piece!
I’d like to mention everyone involved:
Art Director: Alexandra Kavalova (Canada)
Modeling Supervisor: Philippe Brochu (USA)
Textures/Look Development Supervisor: Cesar Montero Orozco (USA)
Visual Development Artist: Richard Smitheman (USA)
Horses Character Design: Luis Grane (USA)
Prop Designer: Christine Mc Alleer (USA)
Modeler (Carousel Structure): Eric Rodarte (USA)
Modeler (Carousel Horses): Ricardo Velarde (USA)
Texture Artist: Ruchita Jeswal (Australia)
Look Development Artist: Geoffrey Duch (France)
Looking awesome guys!!