Mila Director TEDx Talk is now online!

Cinzia recently had the honor of speaking at #TEDxVail. Her topic was “Bridging cultural diversity through the magic of animation.” As the talk came to a close, and she asked them to join our cause, the audience responded with a standing ovation. Throughout her career in the animation industry she has learned that strong themes, inspired by true stories, told through the powerful magic of animation, moves people like nothing else can. While most would agree there is a child in each and every one of us, she believe there is a small adult in every child too. Let’s suppose we could create a better world through animation. What if we were to use animation to open up our children’s views, erase the borders between them, even tear down those cultural walls before they reach their tenth birthday? Before their values are fully formed? Might it lead to a major shift in our social consciousness? Please share with your community and support Cinzia’s cause!