Trentino Mese

Trentino Mese, a magazine based in Trento, is coming out today with a great article by Pino Loperfido. Special thanks to the editor Paolo Curcu that also dedicated to Mila the March edition cover.

Layout meeting in L.A. Café

The layout department is very busy under the supervision of our Director of Photography Pepe Valencia and Layout Supervisor Francisco Pacheco. Even if Mila is produced in a virtual studio across 25 countries once in a while we like to meet in person whenever possible. Recently met at a café in L.A. with Layout Supervisor[…]

A tribute to my grandmother

The female character who saves Mila was inspired by my grandmother, and created in her image. Her name was Luisa. She was an amazing tailor, and in turn, the character that saves Mila is a tailor by trade. The woman’s house Mila finds shelter in is full of things tailors use – the most important[…]

Latest approved assets

Sharing some of the buildings that were recently approved and ready to be lit with Arnold. Thanks to all the amazing artists involved! Geoffrey Dutch (Look Development Artist) – France Alex Harris (Senior Modeler) – U.K. Ruchita Jeswal (Texture artist/Senior Modeler) – Australia Mattias Lullini (Modeler) – Italy Lorenzo Pedergnana (Texture Artist/Look Development Artist) –[…]

San Lorenzo Bridge

Sharing another great asset that was just finalized by Mila amazing team! Also included are the photos taken in 1943 of San Lorenzo Bridge in Trento that inspired us. The demolition was caused by heavy bombing of the city in September of 1943. Thanks to all the awesome artists that helped reproducing this iconic structure[…]

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Mila Family! The holidays are meant to share love and laughter with your family and friends. We may live all over the world, but the Mila family will always be close at heart. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! Cinzia and Andrea