Mila New Poster

Thanks to the Mila Graphic Team! Elena Volongo, Ricardo Velarde and Giovanni Cenna for all their great work! Everyone contributed to the final result. You guys ROCK!  

Last Prop!

Here is a great looking prop! Model by Alex Harris and Look by Flavia Minnone. This is our last props that needed to be done. We have a bit more work left with some of the BG characters and soon we’ll be at 100%. Great work everyone!!

Welcome to the team Francesco!

Very happy to let everyone know that Francesco Giroldini is now Mila Lighting Supervisor. Welcome to the team Francesco! Here is Francesco’s great work! Francesco Giroldini – Lighting/Compositing reel 2014 from Francesco Giroldini on Vimeo.

Mila needs a lighting supervisor

Dear Mila family, we are finally sharing a lit shot with you and we are also calling for help in finding a Lighting Supervisor for the project. Just a reminder that Mila is a volunteer based project and that we can give a credit and hopefully an amazing experience! We are currently more than 200[…]