San Lorenzo Bridge

Sharing another great asset that was just finalized by Mila amazing team! Also included are the photos taken in 1943 of San Lorenzo Bridge in Trento that inspired us. The demolition was caused by heavy bombing of the city in September of 1943. Thanks to all the awesome artists that helped reproducing this iconic structure for the film. And if you are wondering, yes we’ll reproduce the explosion that caused it’s destruction during one of the war sequences. Christopher Hiess, Mila CG sup will take care of the effects!

Model – Mattias Lullini – Italy Dharmesh Sareriya – India & Alex Harris – U.K.
Modeling Supervisor – Philippe Brochu – USA
Textures – Ruchita Jeswal – Australia
Look Development – Geoffrey Duch – France
Texture/Look Dev Supervisor – Cesar Montero Orozco – USA
Art Direction – Alexandra Kavalova – Canada