Ruchita’s work!

It’s my pleasure to showcase one of Ruchita’s assets. She modeled and textured many assets for us considering she was one of the fist to join the Mila forum.
Here is one of her latest. Love it!

” Greetings! My name is Ruchita Jeswal I am a proficient 3D modeler and Texture Artist living in beautiful Queensland, Australia. I create 3D models in 3DS Max for Game and Animation Film and texture them in Photoshop for their final presentation. I enjoy developing solutions to overcome problems and I am confident in presenting such findings as well as new ideas to the team.
Working as an Architect before for 5 years I realized my heart was in the more creative world and I like to spend most of my time creating 3D assets, I am a fast learner also a hard worker always trying to improve my 3D skills by learning new things. You can find more of my work here “