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Mila is not just a CG movie. Over the years, we formed a community of artists who are passionate about animation, storytelling and indie projects. We nurture this community and help each other as much as we can. Many times, I’ve been asked questions about how to get started with your own project, how to convince other people to join you, how to organize work, and how to get over challenges that are specific to setting up an animation studio where no two people are in the same room.

To maximize the help we can give to other creators, we set up a newsletter and a series of short videos to share our experience, our lessons learned and – above all – to answer to any questions you may have around the production of your own indie movie.

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Mila is a volunteer-based project, produced by Ibiscus Media in association with Pixel Cartoon. Despite the lack of major funding for the production thus far, we are determined to see Mila up on the big screen. The Trentino Film Commission and the Fondazione Cassa Rurale di Trento, meanwhile, have approved seed grants, which will be applied to the substantial costs of rendering at the studio. The quest for investors and other resources is ongoing. We hope to attract additional benefactors as our production efforts continue to build.In the meantime, we forge ahead, undaunted and inspired.

The Mila team is comprised of more than 250 artists from 25 countries. We’ve been very fortunate in our ability to recruit professionals in all departments, and are always open to portfolio submissions from new talent. We’re currently completing layout, and are very busy with animation and lighting.

In particular, we are looking for senior character animators, Final Layout artist, TD’s and ATD’s, lighters and compositors. If you are an artist with one or more of these skills, and seek to work on a socially relevant, animated short, with established professionals in the animation industry, please contact us. We can offer you a credit on the film, and the use of your work for your portfolio (password protected) prior to the release of the film.

If you are unable to join us, but might know someone brilliant who could benefit by working with us, please have them contact us. Thanks!

For information, please email us at