Artist Spotlight: Andres Amaya – Look Development Artist/Lighter


It has been a while since we featured one of our artists and it’s time to showcase Andres Amaya.
Presently Andres is helping converting lot of the props and buildings to be used with Arnold.
He is also been texturing assets like the couch that is attached here and will also be texturing characters. Great work Andres!

Truck: Model and Textures Ruchita Jeswal
Look Development artist: Andres Amaya

Destroyed Truck: Model and Textures Ruchita Jeswal
Look Development artist: Andres Amaya

Couch: Model by Giorgio Zamboni
Textures and Look development by Andres Amaya

Tower: Model by Giovanni Cenna, Textures by Ruchita Jeswal
Look Development Artist: Andres Amaya

Fiat Balilla: Model and Textures Ruchita Jeswal
Look Development artist: Andres Amaya

Here is a short note from Andres:

“Hi everyone,

My name is Andrés Amaya; I am a 3D artist from Monterrey, México. I finished my studies on Animation and Digital Arts back in 2013. I have always had a great passion for entertainment and storytelling, that’s why I decided to enter the world of animation. It has always been my dream to be a part of a project that made people feel the way I felt, as a kid, watching animated movies. And ever since I joined this amazing project, I feel one step closer to fulfilling that dream.

While working in Mila I have learned what it’s really like to work with a great team of passionate professionals, within professional pipelines. I feel like I grow as an artist with every feedback and review I receive. The Mila crew amazes and inspires me on a daily basis and I will be forever thankful that they allowed me to be a part of this awesome family.

Even though I have been in the Mila project for a very short time, I can’t wait for the world to see the outcome of all the hard work this team has done.”

Mila carousel

This is the non destructed carousel, our most complicated prop.
Model by Eric Rodarte and Ricardo Velarde.
Textures by Ruchita Jeswal.
Modeling supervisor, Philippe Brochu
Texture Supervisor, Cesar Montero Orozco
What a GREAT team you guys!!

Mila supporter!!

Very pleased to share a photo with you all. This is the GREAT Francisco Pacheco, Mila layout supervisor, with his dad Mr. Pacheco that is actively supporting the film by making it possible for his son Francisco to work a couple of days a week on Mila. Thanks to Mr. Pacheco for being such a great dad and Mila supporter. You guys are awesome!!

Seq 2000 color keys

Here are some more color keys for the war sequence by Lorenzo Paoli.

Color keys

Some great color keys for seq 2000 by Lorenzo Paoli. Really cool work!


Lorenzo Paoli – Vis Dev artist

Thanks everyone for helping with the Mila recruiting. We got lot of great Vis Dev portfolios. I’d like to showcase Lorenzo Paoli, the first artist that joined the team and that will help us out with color keys. Here is some more info.

Lorenzo Paoli has worked for over 15 years in the film industry, primarily for feature films including animation and special effects. He has worked for studos as: Walt Disney Company, Touchstone, Warner, Lucasfilm Animation, Universal Pictures, Marza Animation, Hahn film, Studio Campedelli-RaiFiction..etc. Lorenzo has been responsible for different roles: Background Artist, Supervisor Background Artist , Color Stylist, Senior Concept Artist, Art Director (color), Author. He is currently writing a Fantasy Novel Trilogy.

Nice lunch!

Few days ago Andrea Emmes and Kim Lorang Phillips came to visit Dreamworks.
Philippe Brochu that also works there with me also joined. We had a really nice time!

Neptune fountain

Here is a very important asset considering it’s known as one of the symbol of Trento. Model of the fountain by Guilherme Lopes (Brazil), texture by Ruchita Jeswal (Australia). Really amazing piece of art guys!

San Lorenzo Iron Bridge in Trento

Here is one of the latest assets completed. Model by Mattias Lullini (Italy), Dharmesh Sareriya (India), Alex Harris (UK). Textures by Ruchita Jeswal (Australia).
I am posting an old image of the bomb bridge and our 3D version. Our CG Sup Christopher Hiess will do his magic to recreate the effect of the bombing and collapsing into the river Adige. Great work guys!!!!

Characters paintings by Alexandra

Here are some of the characters painted by Alexandra Kavalova.
Texture artists are starting textures based on these beautiful paintings.
Looking forward to see the 3D version of these.