"I started working on Mila because I believe animation can talk about serious matters."
Mila is a little girl whose life takes an unexpected turn during WWII. That girl is my mother.

Mila is a CG animated short about a little girl whose life takes an unexpected turn during WWII. It’s rare that animation takes on serious, complex matters such as War. Still, I believe animation is the perfect medium to tell this story set in my hometown, Trento (Italy). Mila is the story of a girl and two women during Trento’s bombing in 1943. I wanted to tell a war story not centered on armies, soldiers, generals, battle plans. I wanted to talk about civilians. About women. About their resilience, their strength, their imagination that’s too often overlooked. The girl who inspired me to create this movie was a child during WWII, she is my mother.


Here's the core team behind this phenomenal project.
Cinzia Angelini
Animator in productions involving traditional as well as computer animation for 20+ years. She currently enjoys working as a story artist at Illumination Ent. and is directing her own indie short film, \”Mila\”, due out in 2016.
Andrea Emmes
Chris Hiess
C.G. Supervisor
Born in Vienna, Austria, he started his career in the games industry. In 2010 he moved to UK to study Digital Effects. At the end of 2011 he started working at Double Negative as FX TD and joined Mila in March 2012. He misses the sun.
Valerio Oss
VFX Supervisor
Pepe Valencia
Director of Photography
Alexandra Kavalova
Art Director
Flavio Gargano
Francisco Pacheco
Layout Supervisor
Layout/Previs Artist based in Los Angeles. After gaining his B.A. in Mexico he first volunteered in Mila to growing as an artist. He now is also a shot creator at the Third Floor. Francisco also enjoys bicycle rides through the city and camping.
Kim Lorang
Character Finaling Supervisor
Cesar Montero
Vis Dev Supervisor
Philippe Brochu
Modeling Supervisor
Francesco Giroldini
Born in Milan, Italy, he spent his teenage years wearing sandals with socks. 10 years ago he moved o the U.S. to study animation and worked at Pixar and DreamWorks. He currently works at Blue Sky, making animated movies such as \”Peanuts\” and \”Ice age 5\”.

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