Mila supporter!!

Very pleased to share a photo with you all. This is the GREAT Francisco Pacheco, Mila layout supervisor, with his dad Mr. Pacheco that is actively supporting the film by making it possible for his son Francisco to work a couple of days a week on Mila. Thanks to Mr. Pacheco for being such a great dad and Mila supporter. You guys are awesome!!

Seq 2000 color keys

Here are some more color keys for the war sequence by Lorenzo Paoli.

Color keys

Some great color keys for seq 2000 by Lorenzo Paoli. Really cool work!


Andres Amaya – Lighter

We are in the process of converting all assets to be lit with Arnold.
Here ia a beautiful render by Andres Amaya. Model and texture by Ruchita Jeswal.
I asked Andres to tell us a bit about himself:
I´m a 3d artist from Mexico with experience in lighting and comp
in love with the Animation industry. Always looking to learn from everyone I work with.
In constant search for new experiences and projects.
My dream is to, one day, work in an animated motion picture.


Lorenzo Paoli – Vis Dev artist

Thanks everyone for helping with the Mila recruiting. We got lot of great Vis Dev portfolios. I’d like to showcase Lorenzo Paoli, the first artist that joined the team and that will help us out with color keys. Here is some more info.

Lorenzo Paoli has worked for over 15 years in the film industry, primarily for feature films including animation and special effects. He has worked for studos as: Walt Disney Company, Touchstone, Warner, Lucasfilm Animation, Universal Pictures, Marza Animation, Hahn film, Studio Campedelli-RaiFiction..etc. Lorenzo has been responsible for different roles: Background Artist, Supervisor Background Artist , Color Stylist, Senior Concept Artist, Art Director (color), Author. He is currently writing a Fantasy Novel Trilogy.

Nice lunch!

Few days ago Andrea Emmes and Kim Lorang Phillips came to visit Dreamworks.
Philippe Brochu that also works there with me also joined. We had a really nice time!

Neptune fountain

Here is a very important asset considering it’s known as one of the symbol of Trento. Model of the fountain by Guilherme Lopes (Brazil), texture by Ruchita Jeswal (Australia). Really amazing piece of art guys!

San Lorenzo Iron Bridge in Trento

Here is one of the latest assets completed. Model by Mattias Lullini (Italy), Dharmesh Sareriya (India), Alex Harris (UK). Textures by Ruchita Jeswal (Australia).
I am posting an old image of the bomb bridge and our 3D version. Our CG Sup Christopher Hiess will do his magic to recreate the effect of the bombing and collapsing into the river Adige. Great work guys!!!!

Characters paintings by Alexandra

Here are some of the characters painted by Alexandra Kavalova.
Texture artists are starting textures based on these beautiful paintings.
Looking forward to see the 3D version of these.

Letters like this keep me going!

As you all know we are actively looking for lighters and last night I got this email from Dane Travelstead.
I asked Dane if I could post it and he kindly agreed. Dane is now joining us as a lighter. Happy to have you Dane!

Hello Cinzia Angelini, someone I know emailed me and told me that you were looking for lighting artists for your upcoming short film. I took a look at the purpose behind your film, and began to feel very passionately about it. It breaks my heart to see atrocities like this happen all over the world day by day. I never experienced the effects war has on people directly, but I have through my family. My father served in Vietnam as helicopter pilot, and told me horrifying stories of the war. Some people believe soldiers are just simply doing their job, but its hard for some of them to convince them self of that when they have to fight so hard against them selves to watch jungles and cities burn, and men, women, animals, and children die without purpose at their hands. My great aunt was directly effected by a war as a civilian during World War II. She was a German girl who, her and her family unfortunately were stuck in Berlin at the time of the Russian siege Berlin. Her home was destroyed, and her, and her family her brutalized by the invading Russians. She was later rescued by great uncle, who was a US soldier at the time. I think she has forgiven those soldiers for what they did. I think she realized that everyone ends up a casualty of war, even those who appear to be on the outside, unharmed.

I’m applying to fill the role of a lighter for you, but if I can help in those project in any way at all, please let me know. I would be more than happy to help. I’ve attached my resume for you to review, and here is my website with my I’m a recent college graduate, so I can’t lie and tell you that I am as experienced as veteran artist like your self, but I can tell you that I would put all my heart into this project, for you, and the people who will be moved by this film. Thank you for taking your time to read this.


Dane Travelstead